Custom Cheesecakes

Custom Cheesecakes are available in any of the flavors you see listed, in various sizes. Call or email for pricing.


  1. 4-4-2014

    I have bought and loved your small cheesecakes at Spokane Farmer’s Market! I’m glad you have a new home.
    Will definitely stop in!

  2. 7-11-2014

    I have a coupon for buy 3 mini cheesecakes get 1 free. What is the price range for your yummy goodies? My birthday is Sat 7/12 & our family tradition is we get what we want w/in reason for our birthdays. I would love to choose your place over huckleberries cakes & pies, but cost is an issue for us that unfortunately. Your menu is to die for. We love just looking at all the gorgeous goodies. Thank You for opening your business! :)

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