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"They looked so little and cute and harmless in the pastry case — but don’t be fooled. Spokane Cheesecakes' miniature creations are highly addictive"

The Inlander, November 22, 2011

Chef's Recommendations

Cherries Jubilee

Cherry cheesecake, topped with dark chocolate...

Mayan Spicy Cheesecake

Rich, creamy chocolate with a dark cookie crust,...

More Cheesecake!

Spokane Cheesecakes has created some of the...

Location and hours of operation

Tue-Sat 10:00 am - 5:30 pm Sun-Mon Closed Sun & Mon 509.570.0658

Customer Testimonials



“If you haven’t tried the Ginger Cheesecake you have missed out on one of the finest things in this life. I may have to enter a special 12-step program”


“You have to try it! The GingerCheesecake is heaven, (WIVAs? I don’t even want to hear it….)”

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