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"They looked so little and cute and harmless in the pastry case — but don’t be fooled. Spokane Cheesecakes' miniature creations are highly addictive"

The Inlander, November 22, 2011

Chef's Recommendations

Cherries Jubilee

Cherry cheesecake, topped with dark chocolate...

Mayan Spicy Cheesecake

Rich, creamy chocolate with a dark cookie crust,...

More Cheesecake!

Spokane Cheesecakes has created some of the...

Location and hours of operation

Tue-Sat 10:00 am - 5:30 pm Sun-Mon Closed Sun & Mon 509.570.0658

Customer Testimonials


Last time I was in, Thomas asked me, “Why do you like our cheesecakes?”  It was a very simple and straightforward question that I have been thinking about since then.  Everybody likes cheesecake, of course.  And I think we have an expectation of what cheesecake is supposed to be.  Heavy, thick, sweet, creamy.  A delightful dessert that is so good, it makes you want to eat it until you are sick.  Spokane Cheesecakes are an evolution from traditional recipes.  More fluffy than thick.  Delicate and smooth instead of heavy and sugary.  The flavors are a departure from ordinary; anything from Mayan Chocolate to Honey Vanilla, all perfectly complimented by their unique individual cookie crusts.  Even the attitude of the cheesecake has gone from one of decadent gluttony to enlightened artistry.  You can’t have a Spokane Cheesecake and not feel like it is YOUR cheesecake, perfectly portioned and exactly the flavor you want.  It truly is art. Delicious, incredible art.  When you travel, everyone always tells you “You have to try” the local specialty. Philly cheesesteaks, New York Pizza, LA Burritos, Maine Clam Chowder. This city finally has a culinary specialty to be proud of. Anyone coming to Spokane should know “You have to try Spokane Cheesecakes.”
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